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Welcome to QROI Network Services Inc. (QNSI), your premier partner in integrated telecom services across the Philippines and Asia. Since our inception
in 2016, we have dedicated ourselves to elevating telecom capabilities, leveraging over 20 years of global industry expertise. Our seasoned team excels in
providing tailored solutions to mobile network operators, infrastructure providers, equipment vendors, and diverse enterprises. As trusted partners of
leading global equipment vendors, we promise not just service, but excellence, making us the go-to choice in telecommunications services.
Join us as we connect possibilities and engineer the future.


Explore our innovative product offerings designed to transform and optimize the telecom and utilities infrastructure sector.
At QNSI, we bring cutting-edge technology right to your operations.

Discover how our products can empower your business today.

Digital Twin Ecosystem

Digital Twin Ecosystem

Revolutionize your management of critical and complex infrastructure by digitizing assets for enhanced monitoring, analysis, and operational efficiency.
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Harness solar energy like never before. Our microinverters offer a robust and reliable solution to increase the efficiency and reliability of your solar installations.
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Smart Access Control

Smart Access Control

Secure and streamline access to your critical infrastructure with a work order-based solution, ensuring safety and compliance across all access points.
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Delve into our comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the telecom sector.
At QNSI, we specialize in three core areas, ensuring top-tier solutions across all aspects of telecommunications:

Partner with us for unparalleled support for common tower companies, enhancing infrastructure reliability and performance.

From mobile network operators to network equipment vendors, our expertise in building and managing wireless mobile networks sets industry standards.

Elevate connectivity for enterprise clients, property owners, and hotel operators with our bespoke managed WiFi services that guarantee seamless internet experiences.

Discover the full potential of your telecom and utility operations with our expert services.

Quick Save Solar Rooftop Solutions

Welcome to the future of solar energy with Quick Save Solar Rooftop Solutions. Our innovative system revolutionizes traditional solar setups by integrating advanced micro inverter technology, ensuring superior safety and efficiency compared to conventional string inverters.

With Quick Save, you can rest assured knowing that your property is safeguarded against fire hazards while optimizing energy production for maximum savings. By choosing Quick Save, you’re not only investing in your own financial well-being but also contributing to the preservation of our planet. Reduce your carbon footprint and embrace renewable energy with confidence.

Renewable Energy

Discover our versatile solar energy solutions, tailored for both residential and enterprise applications.
Our systems, powered by cutting-edge microinverter technology, ensure reliable and efficient energy for homeowners, businesses,
and telecom infrastructure operators alike. Whether providing standardized solutions for residential needs or custom hybrid systems
for demanding network infrastructures, our solar solutions are designed to significantly reduce carbon footprints and cut energy costs.

Join us in embracing a sustainable future with our innovative solar energy offerings.

Micro inverter Solution

Highly Efficient

Energy Output



Micro inverters improve safety by isolating issues to individual panels, reducing fire hazards compared to string inverters.

Energy Output

Micro inverters maximize energy production by ensuring each panel operates at peak efficiency, even in shaded or dusty conditions.

System Design

Micro inverter technology allows for flexible designs to accommodate various roof orientations and configurations, without constraints on string lengths or panel compatibility.


Micro inverters provide real-time monitoring of each panel’s performance, facilitating prompt issue identification and minimizing downtime, unlike string inverters with limited monitoring capabilities.


Micro inverters are more durable and have longer lifespans, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs compared to string inverters.


Micro inverter systems offer greater scalability and expandability, allowing homeowners to easily add or replace panels without major system reconfigurations.

Long Term Partnerships

QNSI stands at the forefront of the telecom and passive infrastructure industries, driven by longstanding partnerships that form the core of our operations.
Our management team, with decades of international experience, expertly combines global insights with exceptional local capabilities and resources.

We are committed to building enduring relationships that drive innovation and deliver superior results, ensuring sustainable success for our partners.
Explore the value of partnering with us and discover how our deep industry expertise can elevate your projects.
Join us in redefining connectivity across the Philippines and beyond.

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