QNSI Featured in Dronelink as case study

Cell Tower
Digital Twin

Cell Tower Digital Twin

Enabling telecom service technicians to digitize 200 towers a month with a drone in the toolbox

“Dronelink enabled us to quickly train over 20 technicians, seamlessly integrating drones as another tool in the box, that that not only amplifies the efficiency and safety of our work and workforce, but also empowers us with the capacity required to drive the industry’s digital transformation.”
– Matti Jokinen, Director, QNSI

QNSI | SiteSee | PhilTower

QNSI is a telecom servicer provider in the Philippines with over 250 engineering teams operating a fleet of over 20 drones.

SiteSee is a digital twinning and AI SaaS platform designed to maximize revenue opportunities and streamline asset management processes for TowerCos.

PhilTower is a TowerCo in the Philippines that is leading the digitalization of their assets, starting with 1350 towers acquired from Globe.

Scanlink - Cell Tower Capture Solution

Scalable cell tower capture workflow for any tower type. Designed for ease of use to capture data required for accurate digital twin 3D models. Pilots follow step-by-step instructions using the drone in the field to generate missions that will meet the most complex capture requirements. 

Telecom Digital Transformation Benefits

For TowerCos, a single source of truth of a portfolio streamlines asset management and accelerates revenue generation. Costs are reduced by deceasing truck rolls,  speeding up site audits, and performing preventative maintenance. Inspections and loading analysis are greatly improved.

Customizable Solutions Built on Dronelink

Scanlink is a custom solution for cell towers built on-top of Dronelink that uses features such as custom on-the-fly functions, drone offsets, multiple mission components, and restriction zones. Scanlink can be easily customized to achieve any combination of capture specifications for towers. Similar workflows can be created for any industry. 

Workflows and Tools for Scaling Operations

Dronelink Enterprise accounts include features to support large drone programs. Operations management features allow admins to send missions to pilots for execution, and monitor mission progress. Integrations for flight logging and data management can further be enabled for improved workflows.

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